Dr. Jason Cressey

Jason CresseyJason Cressey gained his PhD in Psychology at Oxford University, UK, under the supervision of the late Michael Argyle - one of the twentieth century's most influential psychologists and a world authority on interpersonal behaviour. Jason specialises in the areas of social behaviour, interpersonal skills, communication and cultural differences. Since 2005 he has been a sessional instructor of undergraduate, graduate and continuing studies courses at the University of Victoria, teaching for both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies.

His desire to make academic research findings accessible and useful to a wide audience led to the development of the 'Motivation In Mind' workshop topics, focusing on personal empowerment and professional development. He has made presentations to corporate clients, charities, community colleges and a wide range of educational establishments in Canada and overseas.

Jason frequently appears on TV and radio, has published many magazine and newspaper articles and is also the author of a book about the relevance of myths and legends to human relationships today. He also leads a variety of tours around the world to encounter dolphins and whales in the wild.

Presentation title: Body Language in the Workplace

During this session, participants will: